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About Nillick Services Inc.

Federal corporation Nillick Services Inc. is a business company registered in Canada with the business no 857325096RC0001. This company type is "Canada Business Corporations - 2019-06-26". This company was created on . Current company status is "Inactive - Amalgamated into NGC Nunatsiavut Inc. on 2019-06-26". This company registered office address is 1 Morhardt Road, Nain NL A0P 1C0, Canada.

Company Information

Company Name: Nillick Services Inc.
Business No: 857325096RC0001 Status: Inactive - Amalgamated into NGC Nunatsiavut Inc. on 2019-06-26
Company Type: Canada Business Corporations - 2019-06-26 Creation Date:
Governing Legislation: Canada Business Corporations Act - 2019-06-26
Registered Address: 1 Morhardt Road
Nain NL A0P 1C0
Certificates Filings: Certificate of Incorporation


Sahra Leo101 Middlepath, PO Box 470, Nain NL A0P 1L0, Canada
Keith Harbin61 Mitchell Street, Happy Valley Goose Bay NL A0P 1C0, Canada
Chris Webb33 Hamilton River Road, Happy Valley-Goose Bay NL A0P 1E0, Canada

Corporate Name Historys

2019-06-26 to PresentNillick Services Inc.

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